5 Surprising Uses of Table Salt

5 Surprising Uses of Table Salt


By Syn Osuchukwu

Salt serves different purposes apart from being used for seasoning food. Here are additional uses of kitchen salt:

Prevents food from decaying
Drop fruits and veggies into lightly salted water while you’re cooking to prevent them from decaying.

It serves as a skin exfoliant

Salt is a great skin exfoliant which is why it can be found at different spas. It also serves as an effective deodorant.

It helps repair callused hands and feet

If you have stinky hands or tired, callused feet, rub them with a little salt to lift off the top layer of dead skin and leave fresh, smooth skin behind.

It serves as a mouthwash

Salt and baking soda can be combined in an organic toothpaste, and you can also gargle with saltwater to relieve sores and keep your mouth feeling fresh.

It serves as a scrubber

Salt also works great on hard water stains in the bathroom and kitchen sink, pots with stubborn stains, plates, and more. A little salt and water paste and some elbow grease can go a long way when it comes to buffing away grease, stains, and burned-on debris.

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