3 Tricks to get a rich man and keep him hooked!

3 Tricks to get a rich man and keep him hooked!

Yvonne Williams

Let’s face it, no one ever fantasizes about getting hitched to a man who can’t even boast of offering three square meals , when of course the good things of life are at your every turn, waiting to spoil you silly. Being hitched to a wealthy partner ensures you get the very best of everything literally, plus, your children get to enjoy the very best life’s got to offer too. So yeah, wanting to get married to a rich dude is pretty normal. If you often find yourself asking  –  “How do I land a rich guy?”, follow these pointers, ditch want goodbye without a second glance and say hello to your new fab world:

Look the part

The ultimate key to any man’s heart is your appearance – nail it! Avoid the slutty cheap girl look, look classy and sophisticated, top it up with good manners and most rich dudes will give you more than a second glance.

Strategically position thyself

Hey, if you really really want a super rich dude, hanging around just anyone isn’t going to do you any good. Find out what interest rich folks; hobbies, hangout spots… go there in your spare time, armed with the choicest outfits of course and get noticed. The more time you invest, the wider your chances and choice frame.

Earn his respect

And no, don’t go ranting about money, money, money! Be approachable, engage him in intelligent conversation, be independent;  Excite him with your skills, knowledge and talents – this will challenge him, and very importantly do not sleep with him on the first date! Keep him interested , offering him sex just like that lands you in the cheap zone. P.s – Every billionaire loves Miss independent!

Good luck finding your dream!

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