9 Signs You’re definitely getting old!

9 Signs You’re definitely getting old!

Yvonne Williams

Come to think of it; sometimes somethings just absolutely suck!, you know; I mean one minute you’re out there hitting them clubs like you’ve got your whole life’s out there waiting to start, the next, you’re all ancient wearing beings looked upon as wisened matured adults who hold all the damn answers! Truth be told, no one likes being old, admitting it? a different ball game. lol. But hey, reality calls, so just in case you’re aren’t exactly sure where you belong, here are 9 signs you’re getting old:

Your sex life isn’t much to boast of anymore – “Please I’ve got far more important things in my mind …”

Everything totally hurts; your back, knees… it just never stop, plus, sleeping on the couch is the ultimate sin – “It hurts so bad!”

Everyday you do absolutely nothing, yet you constantly feel like you’ve ran the world and back; your ideal fantasy? a dull evening gazing at the tv screen listening to some classic jams and soaps – “Ah yes, perfect, this is the life”

Misplacing your glasses is constant – “Really? again??”

You look at your children and you barely recognise them Because somehow they’ve been replaced by some middle aged folks, then reality dawns – “Oh no, I’m old!”

You actually can’t remember the last time you went clothes shopping – “That’s one luxury my lazy bones can’t afford, besides no one’s looking at me?”

(okay just in case, you’re on the flip side – that’s totally you above, lol…)

You get into a heated argument about pension plans. – “My God, can’t believe these guys don’t get it”

It never occurs to you to suck in that tummy when you hit a room – “Why bother, it’s obviously no use”

You hear yourself and you sound just like your mother. “Oh lord…save me!”

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