How to identify a Lagos Big Boy

How to identify a Lagos Big Boy


Transcribed by Syn Osuchukwu

We hear of ladies who end up with guys that are supposedly rich and when the scales fall from their eyes, they exclaim “I thought he was a big boy”. The million dollar question is “How do you identify a Lagos big boy from a ‘poser’? Adeola Serrano, the host of the Metro Watch on Happenings Radio took to the streets of Lagos to ask people how to spot a Lagos Big Boy (LBB) and here are some of the things they had to say:


“I know a LBB from the flashy things he does. His phones, his car, probably a G-wagon, the latest gadgets and fashion outfits are some of the things he has! They look good, basically. Unlike the poor ones that trek all day or ride used cars. Those ones are just there.


“You basically know them from their big phones, flashy clothes and fancy cars”.

From her research on social media, Serrano was able to add:

“Lagos Big boys are always on Instagram taking pictures of cars, watches, girls, boat cruises, hotels, beaches and shoes! Infact, they are always on the beach at all times even though they have houses! They live a loud lifestyle. Most of them are always going to events every Saturday and they always wear white Agbada and are popularly known as Yoruba demons. They have fake accents, drive exotic cars and have up to five friends or more in their clique.

They date bleached girls as well, live on the Island and spot a beard. They always wear a fat gold chain with bracelets as well. All these they flaunt on social media.


“A LBB drives a Range Rover, wears designers, likes clubbing, and uses iPhone 6 plus. As for the Lagos big girls, they drive, wear original hair and use big phones”.


“I identify them by their appearance. They are flashy. They wear expensive stuff. They use the latest gadgets. They sha make money by crook or by hook. I would not want to date them. I want to keep off from them because of their money spending”.


“They drive flashy jeeps and most of them have beards. They like going out and showing off. I would date him because he is a big boy and can take care of my needs”

Well, this information should come in handy to a lot of ladies out there! Don’t fall for flash! Fall for depth…or better still, BE an authentic Lagos Big Girl!

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