3 Common reasons why people kill their spouses

3 Common reasons why people kill their spouses

Yvonne Williams

Although no one ever visualizes being killed by someone close to them, somehow the most chilling murders which make massive headlines again and again have always being carried out by people often considered “trustworthy” – family (reminds me of Fatal Attraction).   Sometimes these individuals often display certain glaringly dangerous traits but sadly, victims are always to quick and trusting and dismiss them as being not particularly harmful.  Today we take a look at some of the most common reasons why some spouses murder their partners in cold blood:


 This could be either way; sometimes when a spouse starts seeing someone else, they lose interest in their partners and slowly resentment tends to build up, so desperately some come to this conclusion – the only escape from lonely ville to the arms of their waiting love is to eliminate “obstruction”.  Other times however, the hurt spouse is angered by the cheating spouse and resorts to revenge.

Emotional/ physical abuse 

When an individual is pushed to the wall either physically or battered emotionally, there’s bound to be reaction; in the heat of the moment either party (the abused/ abuser) can snap into killer mode which often leads to a disastrous end. So yeah, anger/ loss of control.


Excess love for money has driven many many hearts to do the unthinkable. Most times these individuals are never content with what they’re given or they’re driven by the inheritance they tend to get and want the process fastened by any means possible, so they do anything to get it, including murder.

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