House chores? Quit complaining! Check Out 6 House Chores With Surprising Health Benefits

House chores? Quit complaining! Check Out 6 House Chores With Surprising Health Benefits

Yvonne Williams

Yep, you read right! House chores have benefits, who would have thought right? So much for all those times you rolled those eyes, causing when no one was looking.  Lol.. Nobody likes house chores and that’s pretty certain. I mean, it’s totally normal to fantasize about all those chores getting themselves done while you sit there all pretty laughing your hearts out over a bowl of popcorn topped with some sweet juice – Sorry, totally not happening in the real world, but trust me, once you realize the amazing benefits which come with certain house chores, it’ll never ever be a bother again, Lol.. Check out six house chores that can do your body real good:

Making the bed

Talk about a sense of accomplishment! We all know how feeling good about yourself can reflect on your health. Giving your bed that final look of appraisal can help boost your health making you feel happier, more productive and rested compared to coming home to a rumpled mess.

Tidying up your yard

Are you constantly bombarded by nightmares of having a heart attack or stroke? Here’s good news, do some yard work and reduce your risk about 30 percent. When you chop up those greens they release chemicals which make you generally feel relaxed, plus, the sweating helps flush out toxins which give you some boost of energy when you’re done and cooling off. Great huh?

Washing dishes

Although you might be tempted, don’t escape into oblivion while doing the dishes; engage your whole being in the exercise; focus on the smell of the soap, the temperature of the water and the feel of the dishes, this helps lower nervousness. Don’t you just love it already? Experience the calming benefits of doing the dishes with your hand and you’ll be glad you did!

Cleaning the bathroom

And no, it doesn’t sound gross! Lol …Although we might be talking bacteria and all, regular cleaning has tremendous benefits as regards your health. Drop down on those knees and scrub real good, do this and diseases won’t dare come close. You’ve got the power!

Growing flowers and vegetable

Do you constantly find yourself trying to fight tears when no one’s looking? Hey, romance nature and say hello to a happier you. Growing vegetables help reduce the risk of depression. Get busy!


Pushing and pulling those muscles… don’t you just feel energized already! Who knew 15 minutes of kickboxing equates with 30 minutes of vacuuming and voila! You’ve worked out? Careful though, you’ve got to take the whole house at a go as opposed to individually.  This helps work out your arms, legs and core, need any more conviction? I don’t think so!

Happy House chores everyone!

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