Would you ‘turn up’ Your Skin?

Would you ‘turn up’ Your Skin?


Transcribed by Syn Osuchukwu

Skin lightening is the new trend among most Nigerian women. In this episode, Adeola Serrano, the host of Metro Watch on Happenings Radio had a guest in the house, Ada, who helped discuss the topic of skin lightening. However, she took to the streets to ask some ladies and gentlemen what they thought about skin lightening.

Happiness- Caterer

“It’s neither here nor there. I like it but not too much. It sometimes doesn’t come out good. Most ladies bleach just to please the men. I would bleach because I want to, not because of a man. I try to maintain my colour not outright bleaching. Bleaching should be done well”.


It’s a personal choice. If you feel cool about yourself, you won’t need to bleach. I think it’s best to leave your skin the way it is. Just enhance it a bit but don’t heavily bleach. I think the trend is because of the numerous shows on T.V. Everybody want to be Kim K. Lupita is black and beautiful and she is dark. There should be sensitization of people accepting themselves as they are. Ladies should know they are beautiful as they are”.

Bimbo- Fashion designer

“It’s a self esteem issue. When ladies don’t feel comfortable in their skin, they bleach to feel among. It’s about people are not accepting themselves. These days, ladies are lighter than their hubbies. It’s a society thing and self-esteem issue. Some get it right, some get it wrong especially Isale-Eko women who look disgusting. Meet a beauty consultant who will do it well for you”.

Ada, her guest added that

‘In general, our environment plays a role on the choices we make. Women want to be socially accepted in the society and be appealing to men. People treat white people better as a default. We should tell girls that they are beautiful irrespective of their skin colour.”


“I don’t encourage bleaching because of its hazardous effects. Even if I were dark, I would not bleach. I am fair but I think ladies who bleach are not confident about themselves. They succumb to societal expectations. I have worked with a black friend and people noticed her more. I don’t understand people who bleach”

Kayode-Facility manager

“Skin bleaching is a no-no! People bleach because of complex issues. Let people accept you the way you are. I used to be attracted to fair women but now my mindset has changed”.

Rotimi-Events planner

“Why would someone mess their skin up? A normal person won’t do that. Many people end up having dark knuckles and knees and end up looking like bad banana. I think it is identity crises. I don’t understand why anyone would want to bleach. It doesn’t make sense. You can even out the tone of your skin but bleaching is a No No! Fair people are easier to spot but not all of them are as beautiful as they are from afar. A fair person may stand out but that’s just it”.

Kennedy- Events planner

“We were created to be natural. Why would anyone want to change what God took time to do? Why would anyone risk his/her health for skin lightening? By the time they get older, it begins to tell on the skin”.

Final words: If you must do it, do it WELL.

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