5 Reasons Why Being Single In 2016 Is All Shades Of Fabulous!

5 Reasons Why Being Single In 2016 Is All Shades Of Fabulous!

Yvonne Williams

You’re driven, focused and independent and yes you should own it! You’re Miss Independent and why not? You work hard for your money so why not live the life, after all truth be told the cycle just keeps going round and round; singles want to be in the couple zone and when you finally land there, you feel like zapping right out because you crave the joyous freedom of singlehood. lol… 5 reasons why being single is totally awesome:

You, You and You!

Career driven? Being single gives you lots of time for you; self improvement and all, besides what better time to spoil yourself silly than when you’re single. Pamper you with some solo adventure *wink*.

No boyfriend/ no problems

Talk about a drama free life! Being single affords you the opportunity to live your life without getting into tiring endless fights and let’s not forget the emotional stress/baggage which comes with having a significant other. Plus, you can do you a 100% without bothering about losing them

More sleep

Now isn’t that just awesome? Think about it, no midnight quickies, no snoring… you get that beauty sleep for as long as you want. Cool right?

You can dress up/ dress down any time you damn well please

Sometimes you just want to let that hair down in some comfy pajamas without some clingy sexy lingerie choking the air right out of you, being single affords you the liberty to dress on your own time without trying to impress anyone.

Save up big time

Goodbye to endless gifts which completely drain you out, yep, thankfully you can kiss goodbye all those “necessities” draining your finances and say hello to a more satisfied and fulfilled you!

Singles rock!

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