Childhood ‘Messing’ Games Nigerian Kids Used to Play


By Kikelomo Onigbanjo

Childhood was fun wasn’t it? We had no worries and we thought we could conquer the world. I mean we had energy, we had fire! All we had to do then was to wake up, go to school, eat and play. Oh! We had several games then. We were never bored. Y’all remember that messing game we used to play? This is to take us down memory lane on how it was played. This is strictly for the ‘Ajepako’ kids. ‘The coolest kids on the block’. Loool. So if you were an ‘Ajebo’ kid, you may not fully understand what these mean.

You mess akara fly gate

How na???

You mess Babangida repeat Primary 1

For real???

You shit here you shit here you dey find the LCM


You fall down from 15 storey building na only your head spark


3 kulikuli attack all of you for your village nobody escape

Come again???

You shit here you shit here caterpillar no fit carry one

Will you keep quiet???

*catwalks out like a bossette*

Silly Shenanigans! lol.

Happy weekend!!!

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