Birthday Shout! Robin van Persie, Travie McCoy, Alexander Fleming…

Birthday Shout! Robin van Persie, Travie McCoy, Alexander Fleming…

Yvonne Williams

We celebrate  famous celebrities this day August 6,

Robin van Persie

Star soccer striker who joined Manchester United in 2012 and was named captain of the Dutch national team in 2013. He previously played for Arsenal from 2004 to 2012, scoring 96 goals in 194 appearances.

He played on the Dutch side SBV Excelsior’s youth squad from age five to 15, and won the KNVB Best Young Talent award in 2002.

He earned the Golden Boot Award for his 30 goals during the 2011-2012 season with Arsenal, and helped lead the Netherlands to a World Cup Final match in 2010 where they lost to Spain.

In 2012, he scored a brace (two goals) in Manchester United’s 2–1 victory over CFR Cluj; both goals were assisted by Wayne Rooney.

The soccer player was born August 6, 1983 in Netherlands.

Travie McCoy

Lead vocalist of alternative hip hop group Gym Class Heroes. Their song, “Billionaire,” was a #4 Billboard Top 100 hit.

He worked as an apprentice in a tattoo parlor when he was fifteen and played drums in high school where he met his Gym Class Heroes bandmates.

He has been open about his struggles with pharmaceutical drug addiction in the past.

His is cousin to rapper Tyga from the Young Money record label; as a teenager, Travie formed a hip hop group with his father.

He dated pop superstar Katy Perry on-and-off for several years.

The 35 year old star was born August 6, 1981 in New York.

Alexander Fleming

Scottish biologist, pharmacologist, and botanist who shared the 1945 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for helping to discover the antibiotic substance penicillin in 1928. His discovery marked the start of modes antibiotics, which changed the medical world forever.

He worked in shipping before going to medical school at the recommendation of his brother.

He was able to produce penicillin after he discovered it accidentally in 1928 as mould in his petri dish, which he left unwashed during a vacation.

Linus Pauling also won a Nobel Prize for his prolific scientific work.

Alexander Fleming was born August 6, 1881 in Scotland, he died March 11, 1955 at the age of 73.


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