4 Simple Acts That Matter Big Time In Your Relationship

4 Simple Acts That Matter Big Time In Your Relationship

Yvonne Williams

Grand romantic dinners at exquisite locations, expensive getaway trips to the finest places in town, jaw dropping diamonds to spoil her silly… hold on a second! Who says you always have to empty your bank account just to put a smile on that face? Sometimes it’s all about the simple things, you know sweeping that heart with a surprise gesture out of the blues without waiting for that special day to rock their world…Want to up your relationship game? Check out five really cute things you can do without going bankrupt:

Be there: Gifts can’t buy feelings, your presence speaks volumes, simple!

Listen/ communicate: Don’t be the only one pouring your feelings every time,  Relationship is mutual – Good communication will help tighten that bond. Text/ call constantly. And running out of credit is no excuse, many thanks to multiple social media platforms (*wink*)

Learn to compromise: This is key and totally affects your relationship. For the sake of being together you have to endure things you have zero interest in SOMETIMES; swapping telemundo for football… (I know it’s hard but hey, love ain’t easy) lol

Be reliable: True love they say conquers all but when it’s the other way, we all know how it turns out, don’t we? yep. Tough times are certain in all relationships and you’ve got to put that at the back of your mind- priority should be- someone who’s got your back even when your whole world threatens to give way.

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