6 Secrets You Should Never Ever Tell Your Boyfriend!

6 Secrets You Should Never Ever Tell Your Boyfriend!

Yvonne Williams

Okay so you guys have been going out for what? Three months and already he/she feels like your soulmate  … that’s right, they totally get you like no one ever has… each time you’re with them you undeniably feel that inner peace which makes you feel like you just can’t wait to spill your guts out; dirtiest secrets and all, (after all “love conquers all) ” blah, blah, blah… Scratch that Missy! Just before you wreck that smooth sailing ship, you might want to take a look at this list #JustSaying. Check 6 secrets you should never spill in your relationship:

His penis is actually quite small compared to your other exes (and that’s putting it nicely) – He’ll never recover

You’re Miss slutty and proud: From threesomes, to God knows what, you’ve done it all with your ex; zip it girl!  Being slutty and dishing about how many partners you’ve had isn’t something you want to brag about especially if he’s insecure – Congratulations, you will be officially dubbed a freaking whore,

You’re having a crush on one of his friends –  Not everyone can handle it.

You’ve still got feeling for your ex – Even if you guys are super close, feelings for your ex is an unforgivable no no which should never ever be mentioned.

You just can’t stand his mom – For the love of everything you hold dear, fake it until you’re in a comfortable zone  (don’t try yourself)

You’re period’s about two days late – Well if you aren’t a doc and can’t deal with instant high blood pressure, you might want to keep it on the low until fears are confirmed.

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