“I am not interested in the course I am studying; I just want to get the degree” – 300 Level Student

“I am not interested in the course I am studying; I just want to get the degree” – 300 Level Student


Being a Nigerian student requires a lot of work-the lectures, the socials, the hostel life, life outside campus, everything! Such is the story of Efemena Sowho, a 300 level student of Covenant University Ota, Ogun State as brought to you by HAPPENINGS MAGAZINE. Correspondence by Kikelomo Onigbanjo and Odunayo Adeneye. Excerpts:

Happenings Magazine: Personal Details:

Efemena: My name is Efemena Sowho, I’m from Delta State. I am a student of Covenant University, Ota, Ogun State and I am in 300l. My course of study is Industrial Physics (Applied Geophysics).

Happenings Magazine: How has it been as a Nigerian Student for the past 3 years? 

Efemena: I have had a lot of experiences, both positive and negative. Being in a private University such as Covenant, the freedom is not much. For example, we all stay on campus. We can’t go out without taking permission from the school authorities. The rules are very strict. But I have come to realise in the past three years that these restrictions are for my own good and improvement security wise.

Happenings Magazine: What kind of relationship do you have with your lecturers and colleagues?

Efemena: Well… most of my lecturers are quite strict, which is expected. Although some of them are approachable, some are jovial while some are the ‘typical’ Nigerian lecturer – very difficult. They try to encourage student-lecturer relationship. I have never been sexually harassed by a lecturer. There are very strict measures in place for lecturers that do such.

Happenings Magazine: In your department, Applied Geophysics, what has been your best and worst moment?

Efemena: Let me start with my worst moment (general laughter). It was in my 200 level. I think it was Physics 221 or so. That course strictly requires you to derive a particular equation. It is so hard that you can spend more than one hour to derive just one equation. And you can write up to three pages of essay to work one equation. No matter how hard I tried, I did not get it. It is so bad that I am re-taking the course presently. My high moment is always after exams when we have socials, the trade fair and other activities that mark the end of the session, like a dancing group coming to entertain us.

Happenings Magazine: Did you really want to study the course?

Efemena: I actually wanted to study Chemical Engineering. But when my name did not come out in any of my school’s admission list, I was informed that admission was very competitive and the cut-off mark was very high. I did not make the cut-off mark so I was given two options, either Industrial Chemistry or Industrial Physics. I am not really a good Chemistry student right from Secondary school, so I went for Industrial Physics.

Happenings Magazine: After school, what’s next?

Efemena: I am really enthusiastic about Digital Marketing and Graphic Designs. I am not interested in the course I am studying; I just want to get the degree. That is what I am really interested in doing and I have had a passion for it in a very long time.

Happenings Magazine: Who sponsors your education?

Efemena: It’s my sister. I live with her.

Happenings Magazine: Like how much do you spend on hand outs and materials?

Efemena: We use our laptops for most of our courses. They send the soft copies of the notes to us. But some lecturers insist that we buy the hard copies of the note so we end up printing about 100 copies of the note which is expensive.

Happenings Magazine: How do you unwind?

Efemena: I am an introvert. I don’t really go out much. Sometimes we (my classmates) donate money and go for picnics to just let off steam. Sometimes the guys organise a football match just for fun. I socialise once in a while. The good thing about my school is that there is always internet connection. So most of the time I am always on social media, checking for things and reading things that amuse me up. I surf the net a lot for entertaining stuffs.

Happenings Magazine: Thank you for your time

Efemena: You are welcome

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