Getting That Body Back Post Baby: 7 Biggest Mistakes New Mums Make!

Getting That Body Back Post Baby: 7 Biggest Mistakes New Mums Make!

Yvonne Williams

Hitting the threadmill is the farthest thing from every new mum’s mind and hey, that’s pretty understandable. Yes you want to get that body back and all but your number one goal is to ensure yourself and your little one are in good health. That said, even though you might want that figure back asap, never be too hard yourself -especially for the first six weeks postpartum. Remember, it’s a journey.

Mistakes new mums make;

Being to eager

Cut yourself some slack. The average time to get your body back after delivery healthwise is between 6 to 12 months, so relax!

Starving yourself

Careful, this can have a negative impact on your body. Not cool.

Comparing yourself to celeb mums

Whereas they’ve got the luxury to hire trainers and chefs to help them in their weight loss journey, you might not. So take it easy and do it your way. Focus on YOU and your health.

Sticking to adult sized plates

Using smaller plates can help cut your appetite, so scrap those large bowls, this will make your help make that journey so much more easier.

Not getting enough sleep

Stress can lead to weight gain, so while you’re up and about caring for your family, don’t forget you.

Snacking on unhealthy snacks

While getting things done or simply lazing around you tend to want to nibble, go for healthy snacks instead of those fat filled ones and you’ll be saying hello to that fabulous body in no time.

No couple time

The arrival of your new bundle of joy might tend to put a strain in your relationship, don’t let it. Have time out with your partner and you could even do fun things together, take a stroll…lots of fun things out there. This will keep you happier, helping you in your weight loss journey.

Last note; You’re a mum, embrace it! It’s all shades of beautiful; imperfections and all!

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