#WorldJollofRiceDay; Check Out The Most Hilarious Tweets Ever!

#WorldJollofRiceDay; Check Out The Most Hilarious Tweets Ever!

Yvonne Williams

Jollof For World Peace! = Amen! lol…From it’s inviting vibrant red colour creatively garnished with the very best of ingredients, to the delightful aroma and delicious taste bringing joy to even the most depressed of souls, we’ve just got to say – Party Jollof Rice has been standing tall from way back!!

It’s World Jollof Rice Day today and in celebration of the party favourite which has effortlessly catered to many many hungry bellies from generation to generation…yes, we bring you a few hilarious tweets about… good old Jollof Rice!

When Jollof rice attempt by a foreigner pains your very soul;
“Eager to try out his own version, celebrity chef Jamie Oliver accidentally unleashed the fury of his West African fans when he posted an experimental recipe for jollof on his website in 2014.

The meltdown eventually led a representative from Oliver’s camp put out a disclaimer, emphasising this was just “Jamie’s twist”.

In the meantime… Jollof rice loading


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