#LoveFact: 3 Not So Convenient Truths About Love No One Likes To Admit!

#LoveFact: 3 Not So Convenient Truths About Love No One Likes To Admit!

Yvonne Williams

Love is sweet, love is magical , love is pure and has excitedly been proven to cause actual butterflies in the stomach, awesome right? But more than romance, fact is love doesn’t always conquer all in the real world; true love requires patience, commitment and respect not just emotions. Think all you need is love in your relationship? 3 hard truths;

Money matters

In as much as we like to give the “my love is not for sale” speech, truth is money matters, even in a relationship; after all love doesn’t give you a roof over your head or pay for all the expensive romantic getaways to keep that spark in your relationship. Plus, many couples have gone separate ways because of cash, so yeah, it’s matters big time.

Sometimes love isn’t enough

No all you need is not love! Hate to put it to you, but you also need respect, commitment and other values which would help you on a smooth sail in your relationship. Success of a relationship requires more than just emotions but don’t get it twisted, it’s great to be in love and all but our being ultimately happy and fulfilled relies on deeper things (alongside love of course) in the end.

Love does not equal compatibility

If we went by how many people we fall in love with, many of us would have tons of exes and that’s a #Fact. Just because you’re in love with someone doesn’t necessarily mean they’re perfect for you. It’s hard, I know but sometimes emotions and compatibility don’t quite blend in perfectly.

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