The Happenings Web Radio is managed by the versatile media veteran, Joy Isi Bewaji, who doubles as the presenter of The Magazine Show and Nasco Moments. Broadcasting from the city of Lagos Nigeria, Happenings Radio has become the prime hub of entertainment and information with a huge online presence and countless followers. A brand is sized by its fellowship with trend, style and creativity. Happenings Radio leads the way on this special rendezvous with programmes well-researched and thought out for the pleasure of her teeming listening public. Happenings Media projects as one of the pioneers of Web Radio in Nigeria, arguably the best  in web space. The  radio can be listened to from anywhere in the world.

The Magazine Show x-trays social issues in the most innovative and unconventional approach, trading through societal, cultural and traditional norms but exfoliating repulsive practices that have crept into our subconsciousness. The show moves strong walls in the minds of the average Nigerians who are receptive to the courage of questioning why we do the things we do. It is for these reasons that all Nigerians are enjoined to tune in for the show everyday. Society is first formed by the array of information and orientation she feeds her populace long before the effect of knowledge is deduced from the human conduct of the inhabitants of the society . Joy stepped into the functions of the National Orientation Agency which remains docile to this day. With Joy on Happenings Radio, the propriety of human conduct; interpersonal, industrial and domestic relationships are espoused objectively so the listeners can make informed choices when they factor in positive decisions.

There is just no aspect of human life that is not covered by Happenings Radio. Products and services are best sold through the Happenings  brand because of her unique selling propositional mandate to help big and small corporations and businesses to reach their target audience. The visibility it premiers for business owners gives products and services both online and traditional advertising platform that transcends the shores of Nigeria. Little wonder brand managers of multinational companies have in resent time made Happenings Media their viable partners to reach the world with goods and services. The Nigerian corporate space today could tell how product and services sell faster when entertainment is factored in on promotional teasers, jingles and trade fairs . It is in this light that Happenings Radio offers the most wide-spread vibes that reaches the desired social space and relevant audience.

With the experienced DJ Limo, Happenings Radio takes you into the world of unforgettable ecstasy of music on The Request Show. Here, you request any song and it is played. You can literally rebirth memories  and dance to the nostalgic blues of unbeatable sound. Every music in the world lies on Happenings playlist and you won’t believe this until you request for a song from the 60s and same is played immediately. Happenings is professional. When you log on, your dreams and aspirations are driven by the rich effects of entertainment while you crystallize on your most vibrant choice of programmes.

At Happenings Radio you are freely shown the way to safeguard your fundamental rights on the Legal Aid Show. When you tune in by 2pm on Wednesdays you get to have your first aid on all legal issues under the Nigerian law and beyond. You can call in and ask any question or send your questions via mail and it will be treated accordingly.

There are so many other programmes not mentioned here because we are constrained by space just check out Happenings on http://www.radio.happenings.com.ng

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