5 Things Your Husband Hates About You; No Jokes!

Yvonne Williams

Okay, before I get the eyebrows raised look and really nasty clap backs, let’s get one thing straight; although your spouse loves you like crazy, somethings about you get to him a lot, so it’s not that he hates you in person. A lot of us women get bothered about pretty much everything, yes we absolutely love when things are perfect (and who doesn’t by the way), but when it tends to spin the other way round, dealing with the pressure is something novels are made of. That said, men are naturally laid back and let things go of things easily and really don’t understand it when we get all worked up over nothing! lol… Don’t know what ticks your sweetheart about you? Check out these 5 things;

You calling yourself fat

Telling someone over and over again how beautiful and awesome they are can be really tiring, especially if they just keep brushing it off, thinking you’re just saying it for flattery and not meaning it – It hurts and each time you call yourself fat, it hurts him more because you’re actually beautiful but you don’t know.

You thinking you’re never good enough

Many times you feel down…with these unhealthy negative depressing thoughts; feelings that you’re not living up to your expectation… this makes him feel bad. Each time you do the cleaning, it’s totally appreciated, but sometimes you just really need to relax. You’ve taken care of the home way more than he could ever do and he hates that you beat yourself up.

You thinking you need to be perfect

You don’t need to be perfect, he loves you, imperfections and all. You may be focused on your insecurities, he sees them but focuses on your strengths. He knows you; potentials and all and it totally breaks his heart to see you so insecure.

You dwelling in the pain

He may be a man, but seeing you cry is the one thing he can’t handle. He cares and wants to help ease your pain – Let him, let him be the shoulder you cry on or better still, the friend who cries with you when you’re consumed by pain.

Happy loving…Love is all shades of beautiful!

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