Stubborn Toddler? 5 Potty Training Tricks Every Mum Should Know!

Stubborn Toddler? 5 Potty Training Tricks Every Mum Should Know!

Yvonne Williams

Potty training isn’t pretty to say the least; it can really be frustrating and tiring but in the end, it’s totally worth it as this helps your child grow into a more confident person. Having troubles getting your little one to use the potty? 5 tricks to help ease your pain:

Add a pop of colour on the tissue paper

Children love to play and that’s fine, but you’ve got to add a measure of control if not, messing the restroom with tons of tissue paper will come naturally to them, needless to say you’ll pay big time. To avoid this, make a colorful visible line on the wall to show how much toilet paper they should really use. This will help them gauge the amount needed for either activity overtime.

Ease the anxiety

Doing number two during potty training comes with a lot of anxiety for kids, they just sit without being able to release. In order to ease this, you could help out; not literally though, lol.. play with bubbles or even sing a song together, this will help them relax and before you know it, you both will be out in no time.

Delicious incentives

You’ve got to learn to be creative; Even as kids, rewards still speak; you could promise a sweet each time your kid goes to the potty himself, he gets a sweet and each time he wipes up real clean, he gets an additional two. It works like magic.

Spoil them with praise

Believe it or not, children need to be showered with praise. Make sure you beam with pride each time they get the small things right and don’t forget to show it, you’ll be surprised at their progress.

Little white lies

Okay…granted, you don’t like lying, hey relax, a little white lie never hurts right? lol… When it comes to your little one, you might not want to dish out every single detail, so little white lies once in a while may come in handy. Cook up a story about how when your kids flush, they can help mankind (come to think of it, this isn’t technically a lie, is it? lol) or how something a little scary could happen to them. Instant registering takes place. lol

However, after all is said and done it all boils down to patience; from small babies who never get to leave your sight, to adults you never get to see… We say, enjoy every moment of the journey!

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