3 Fun Things To Do On A Boring Saturday

3 Fun Things To Do On A Boring Saturday

Yvonne Williams

TGIS! Okay, I know it sounds a little weird…but hey, it’s a Saturday and you’re totally allowed to get super excited!! Bored out of your mind and looking for ways to spice up your Saturdays after the week’s stress? Follow these three tips and your Saturdays will be the most exciting ever;

Plan a theme party

Hey, who says you’ve got to hit the club to have massive fun?  Get in touch with your best pals, plan a theme party and have fun! When you at last land in bed, we bet you’ll be sure glad, smiling from ear to ear. You’re young and full of life, live it!

Crash a wedding

Yup! Pure adrenaline.. The mere thought puts a smile on your lips. Grab your bestest pals and convince them to crash a wedding with you! Of course, it’s not every day you get to play naughty, so you might as well maximise the fun ride.

Record a fun video

Ever felt like you could totally do better than the music videos they keep splashing in your face? Well now’s the time to prove! Take a trip into the city, visit some really great spots and let the cameras roll. Do these and your Saturdays will never remain the same!

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