“There is no fast way to life, take each day as it comes” – MD/CEO Cynosure

“There is no fast way to life, take each day as it comes” – MD/CEO Cynosure


It is often said that when you follow your passion, you will never have to work one day in your life. Such is the story of Ms. Gail Fajembola a phenomenal Interior Decorator. She is beautiful, smart and hospitable. Happenings Magazine correspondents, Odunayo Adeneye and Kikelomo Onigbanjo were let into her world, her passion and business:

Happenings Magazine: personal Details:

Gail: My name is Gail Fajembola. I am the MMD/CEO of Cynosure. Cynosure is an interior decoration firm. I have a Masters degree in Communication Arts from University of Ibadan and a Bachelor’s degree in English Literature from University of Maiduguri. Though I am not doing anything related to what I studied. I am following my passion. This is what I enjoy doing. I am a single mum to a baby girl.

Happenings Magazine: Why Interior decoration?

Gail: I was what you call ‘a lazy student’, I chose English Literature because it was something that came naturally to me. I did not want to stress myself, I wanted to do law, but I saw that Law involved a lot of reading. Communication Arts came naturally to me. I really disliked Mathematics so I could not study a course in any field relating to that. Interior Decoration has always been my passion. People discovered their passion in their young age, but I finally knew it was interior decoration when I was quite old. When I was growing up, I knew I had a flair for housekeeping and combining colours and patterns. My late father even pointed that out one day that I was scrubbing the carpet. When I relocated to Lagos from London someone came to my home and asked me who did my home? I told the person I did. The person was the one that advertised me and I picked it up from there.

Happenings Magazine: How did Cynosure start?

Gail: I started by doing jobs for people and I was quite good at it. But I always had to go and purchase from other interior decor shops. I have always had a dream to have my own store and I had a small store where I was selling stationery. My friends advised me to convert my stationery shop to an interior decor shop but it was too small. The dream I had for the type of shop I wanted was big. Even this location is God-sent. It was like a dream come true. When I got this store my goods were not even ready. And there was a store here. But I held on and here we are. Cynosure sells some world-standard, one-in-a-kind luxury items and it’s not for everybody. This is because they are expensive and classy. We created an atmosphere befitting the luxury items we are selling.

Happenings Magazine: Did you design these items yourself?

Gail: No. I represent a company called Christopher Guy. He is an English man who trained in Italy and lived in Spain and New York. He now lives in Singapore. Christopher Guy is a person that wants to be seen as an internationally known designer. A lot of these materials are hand-made. There are videos here showing that. I also must add that Christopher Guy furniture is transitional somewhere between traditional and contemporary.

Happenings Magazine: Since you started business, how has it been?

Gail: This business is going to be a year next month. Like I said before, what we sell here are high end materials. They are expensive. I am not being a snob when I say that they are not for everybody. They are used to decorate the Vatican in Rome. Business hasn’t been as great as I wanted it to be. This is because of the situation in the country. But people who can still afford it come here and we deliver. I do the drawings and show them what to expect. It’s been quite fulfilling.

Happenings Magazine: What are the requirements to be a successful interior decorator?

Gail: You have to have fabulous taste. You have to travel wide. You can’t be stagnant in one place and expect a different result. Travelling will open your eyes to different things and imaginations.  Know your client. Have a vivid imagination. Be creative. Always be ready to take risks like I did. Stay focused. Keep an open mind. People study this course but it comes naturally to me. I could have studied a course in Interior Decoration but I did not. I have professionals here though. I have employed a skilled interior decorator, I also have an architect.

Happenings Magazine: Any plans to expand?

Gail: Yes, I am planning to expand. We do not have a factory here in Nigeria yet; we can do that. Also I love using made in Nigeria products. There is nothing bad in made in Nigeria products, so I am looking to start producing our own locally made products.

Happenings Magazine: How do you combine work and family?

Gail: Well, I am single but I have a daughter, and she is eighteen months. She is starting play group next month. I have a big enough store for her to roam around and play (general laughter) and I have a good nanny who takes care of her. It’s quite easy.

Happenings Magazine: Word for the youths

Gail: There is no fast way to life. Take each day as it comes. Keep good friends and stay focused to achieve the best.

Happenings Magazine: How do you unwind?

Gail: I unwind with friends. I like people to come to my home. I don’t go out much, but I like people who went out to clubs or parties to come over to my place and tell me how it went (general laughter). We do this over wine and food. I have a good cook. I also like my Yoruba movies a lot (general laughter)

Happenings Magazine: Thank you very much ma

Gail: You are welcome

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