#LagosBusChronicles 8

#LagosBusChronicles 8


Hello from the other side! Hope we are doing ok?

After a successful day yesterday, I joined other ‘bus-takers’ like me at the bus stop. I got a bus and sat beside a very special gentleman

No sooner had we moved, this gentleman removed his shoes for fresh air

Blood of (insert any blood you know)!!! The stench gave me brain freeze that I felt in my chest for some long minutes

I wanted to choke on the smell. I was not the only one

We found out that it was coming from his shoes. It was as if a rat died inside the bus for the past 3 days

As if that was not enough, ‘Smello’ brought out fried fish and started eating. He was determined to kill us, but we are superheroes, we can’t be killed

He was gobbling his fish happily when someone threw a shade at him. He even had mouth to claim freedom to do as he liked. That was the argument till I alighted at my bus stop.

‘Smello’ if you are reading this, please try and invest in a new pair of shoes and clean up. Stop destroying the ozone layer!

Thank you!

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