Stop! Spouses, 5 Careless Texts That Can Ruin Your Marriage!

Stop! Spouses, 5 Careless Texts That Can Ruin Your Marriage!

Yvonne Williams

Although a simple text might feel harmless and innocent, it can most definitely ruin your marriage. Marriage is a learning process and learning what’s appropriate and absolutely not, is critical to the success of a union. Yes you love your spouse… careful though,  you just might be shredding your relationship with your own hands. 5  careless texts that can tear apart even the most perfect relationships:

Checking in on your ex and telling them you miss them ; Why? A simple hello can ignite old flames and you don’t want to do that do you?

Snitching on your spouse’s weakness: Although it’s quite tempting, you’ve got to consider looking at things from the other angle; switch places and think… You wouldn’t be over the moon if you learnt your spouse was bragging about all your inadequacies to his family/ friends would you? Find another way to vent.

Secret messages: Any sms/ chat you wouldn’t boldly send in front of your wife/hubby is a big NO! And that’s because you’re most likely doing something wrong. It’s darn simple.

Flirty messages: Just don’t! Never ever send a flirty message to anyone who’s not your spouse; and what if you’re basically minding your business on your own side of the world but some wide eyed chick/ block won’t just buzz off? Ignore! Don not respond or better still just block the person. Case solved! lol

Pornographic images; Like seriously? Do you need a reason why this can no doubt rip your beautiful relationship to shreds I don’t think so. That body belongs to one person only and we both know you know who that is! #That’sAFact lol…

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