5 Surprising Reasons A Good Cry Is What You Really Need

5 Surprising Reasons A Good Cry Is What You Really Need

Yvonne Williams

Well who knew having a good cry from time to time can be good for you? Awesome right! Although tearing up occasionally might sound far from exciting those tears come with a load of benefits you should know. And who knows, after this read you just might look at crying in a whole new light. Each time you feel your eyes welling up with tears, don’t play brave, you might just be causing more harm than good. 5 Surprising benefits of crying:

Crying makes you vulnerable and helps you connect with others – A shoulder to cry on connects two souls even if it’s just for a moment. But be careful who’s shoulder you cry on though. 

Crying helps you get in touch with your emotions and confront issues so you can move forward

Ever been hurt so bad your heart got ripped to shreds? Crying brings out your creativity; Ask writers/poets/Celebs = Instant inspiration – Taylor Swift would know. lol

Crying unburdens the heart and makes you feel lighter and better

Crying helps flush out toxins; think onions

So the next time you feel like crying, cry and cry that heart out, just let it all out! You’ll be thankful for it in the end!

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