6 Things Only The Apple Shaped Girl Understands

6 Things Only The Apple Shaped Girl Understands

Yvonne Williams

As little girls, most of us girls really didn’t think we were any different from any other girl out there, but as we grew up, we saw the truth clear as day; women come in all shapes and sizes; from hourglass, to pear and apple there’s a whole range out there. Today  we will be zooming our lenses as we bring you 6 things only apple shaped ladies understand:

You only add weight in your face and stomach; You know that saying “adding weight in all the right places?“, that’s one dream that’ll never come true. lol

Regardless of how much weight you put on those legs never really get fat

A-line and peplums dresses are bae

Choosing pants that suit you is one hell of a chore, many thanks to your large midsection

Losing some weight doesn’t give you glorious curves, you become “ruler” shaped.

After the many many complains you come to one conclusion; accept that body, own it and make it work

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