Afterthought: Is your pastor a misogynist?

Afterthought: Is your pastor a misogynist?


Afterthought: Is your pastor a misogynist?

By Joy Isi Bewaji

Third world societies with dreams and hopes of development buried under flagrant corruption will always need religion to cushion the effects of poverty and broken dreams.

It is no wonder Nigerians breathe and fart religion, mostly the Abrahamic faiths, which ironically was passed down like second-hand wears and tokunbo cars. But in typical Nigerian form, we have embraced these convictions with all our might, made mockery of many of the instructions, and when the doctrines do not meet our greed or ego, we twist, distort, manipulate and edit.

It’s like Napoleon in Animal Farm. It’s like the male character in patriarchy. It’s like the leader of an African country. Absolute power and its deliberate destruction and absolute corruption.

I am afraid of one man having so much power over hundreds or thousands of people. No good can ever come out of unchecked power. African leaders have unchecked powers; African fathers have unchecked powers; African pastors have unchecked powers.

The results are similar.

When a Nigerian pastor wakes up with an erection, he heads to church and warns his people about having too much sex or not enough sex or something that reminds him of the itch he felt that morning. We are mostly guided by their emotions and appetite.

So this day, whether it happened in 2014 or 2016, Pastor Oyakhilome woke up and had a new title for women.

The After-thought. The one who wasn’t originally supposed to be here. Something secondary. Maybe inferior. Unimportant.

It would be simply hilarious if he accepted this was coming from a place of hurt and emotional pain, considering his wife was about to leave him (or left him) at the time he spewed his new position on women, but they always claim to be speaking from God. That is what makes it tragic.

When you think of unrestrained powers in many homes without state authority in the guise of the Nigerian Police protecting the vulnerable… in a country with not enough concern for abused women and children, especially the girl child… it is almost criminal to allow religion practice its witchcraft unchecked and continue to beat down the woman like they love to do.

It is time society questions the powers and utterances of anybody they crown as the authority of a home, a school or a church.

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