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#NaijaChronicles: Prayer is the master key to the basement


#NaijaChronicles: Prayer is the master key to the basement

#NaijaChronicles: Prayer is the master key to the basement

By Joy Isi Bewaji

It must be tiring for God sometimes, the theatrics of religion in under-developed black societies. A society is only as good as its people. What kind of people are we?

We are people who believe in miracles. At the end of the day, if the security guard doesn’t transform into a Manager, it is simply the fault of the devil. We do not address his scanty academic pursuit or his lack of drive or mediocre personal goals.

It is always somebody else’s fault. Even a paedophile who rapes 2 year olds blames the devil. Or sometimes, his victim.

These excuses, of course, hold no water in first world societies. In proper societies, there are consequences for your actions. Or at least, a name for your disorder (e.g: sociopath).

A society only develops as far as the citizens are willing to employ common sense.

For instance, to contain poverty, don’t have children you can’t take care of. It’s really that simple. Or maybe not. Maybe a poor man needs to keep having children until a Dangote pops out somewhere amongst his 14 unplanned births.

Is that the life we want to keep living?

It is the life religion subtly endorses. A life without strict plans or methods. A life where “god” guides and you make no concrete plans of your own. A life where anything happens, good or bad or reckless or tragic, and it should be to the glory of “god”.