Girl Gets Ultimate Shock After Gushing About Boyfriend, But His Gay Lover Exposes Him!

Girl Gets Ultimate Shock After Gushing About Boyfriend, But His Gay Lover Exposes Him!

Yvonne Williams

Love-struck couples pecking, kissing, holding hands, smooching, hugging intimately…yep, it goes on and on! PDAs are the in-thing and why not? After all it’s sexy and feels a 100% great to show the world you’re drunk in love and proud of your partner. But is there any such thing as -“Too much PDA”? Just how much is too much? That’s one relative question that lingers…

So a girl took to Twitter to flaunt her boyfriend of two years declaring she’s never being “happier “finishing up with this oh so sweet phrase meant to melts hearts -“a couple that slays together, stays together.” But that poetic flow apparently, didn’t impress her boyfriend’s alleged secret lover who decided to get back at her by revealing his fling with her boyfriend and an even bigger news flash – (his status). Somehow in a bid to appear a bit “subtle”, he opted for telling her “in private” however, the overly confident lover girl told him point blank to say whatever it was publicly and this, ladies and gentlemen is when it all came crashing down!.

See here;

That’s real tough! But it brings us to two questions though – “Why do people actually cheat in relationships?”, “Why aren’t people content with their partners?” – Loneliness? Lost passion? Insatiable thirst for something different?… Countless times we’ve seen it happen – old sweethearts proudly walking the streets hand- in –hand, laughing and obviously head over heels in sweet love, when suddenly an unforeseen bitter betrayal comes into the mix, “irredeemably” shattering the once inseparable lovebirds.

Broken trust, anger, hurt… it gets a whole lot darker; ah yes, this we see most glaringly in the messiest celebrity splits both internationally and locally.  We can  recall the recent head spinning breakup of famous couple, music diva Tiwa Savage and estranged husband Tunji Balogun which took social media by storm mid year.  Infidelity allegations here and there, threatened suicide, deafening secrets  being spilled… and just when we all thought that was all over – we hear that Tee Billz had fathered a third child with 50 year old Dr. Vivian Oputa; a highly influential medical practitioner outside his matrimonial home! Beats me…

But of course, this isn’t the only bitter split shoved in our faces, all too clearly we also recall how news flashed across the country about our dear popular OAP and Vlogger known for dishing out relationship advice, Toke Makinwa calling it quits with hubby, fitness expert/ CEO of Eden Lifestyle Maje Ayida for impregnating his former lover (of 8 years), Anita Solomon.  Let’s not even bother going into details of the split between fellow Nollywood actors – Toyin Aimakhu and Adeniyi Johnson over flirting drama. The cheating goes on and on before our very eyes.

So the question is – Why really do people cheat in relationships? Is there any such thing as a substantial reason for cheating on a partner?

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