It’s pouring in September. Here’s what you need to beat the storm

It’s pouring in September. Here’s what you need to beat the storm

Mfonobong Akpan

I got drenched last night. The rains have refused to stop -pouring endlessly and without warning. The rainy season comes with a lot of challenges, from getting wet to having your shoes ruined because of the muddiness of our ‘very good’ roads, and since you can’t possibly wish the rains away, it’s best to get geared up to avoid being drenched, like me, and catching a cold. So, ladies – mobile or not – here are a couple of essential items you should be packing in your bags to keep you safe from the rains.


Umbrellas are your best buddy this season, you shouldn’t venture out without one. You could get the portable one that can go in your bags nicely. You would be glad when you don’t have to run for shelter and wait for long periods before the rain stops to be on your way.

Rain Bonnet

A rain bonnet would help you keep your hair better protected from the rains. There are times when umbrellas cannot withstand the rain storm, especially when it’s windy. So when your umbrella decides to take a flip or fly off, you have your bonnet to protect your hair. You know how long and how much you spent getting that look… lol

Waterproof bags

I know you love your chic leather bags and the classy look they give you, but it’s advisable to ditch them for waterproof bags this season to keep your items safe and dry.

Rubber shoes and slippers

These rubber foot wears come in different fashionable designs and colours. The are also easily accessible and affordable. You can wear your rubber sandals, slippers and boots and still look fly.


This would come in handy to keep the cold away and doesn’t cost much.

Hand creams

Keep your hands and feet moisturized after you might have washed the dirt off. You don’t want to caught walking around white patches on your skin.

Baby Wipes

You could get facial wipes too, but since baby wipes are more easily accessible and cheap and common with ladies, get one to go in your bag at all times. You would need it to wipe off dirt when you get any on you.

A Sweater/Cardigan

You need a cardigan/sweater to keep you warm. You can wear one and still stay chic. There are different designs, styles and colours to choose from to match your everyday outfits.

Hurry now and get your rain gear ladies! It just might pour any moment.

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