#OurVoices: What are the common social prejudices you encounter as a single parent?

#OurVoices: What are the common social prejudices you encounter as a single parent?


You know we live in an environment where having a child out of wedlock is seen as an abomination. I’m a good example of the people who have silently and openly suffered for being a single parent.

I’ve had people walk away from me; not because I’m a bad person, but because they believed that it is not appropriate to associate with me. I recently had a relationship of almost two years come to a sudden stop. And that was because the young man came up with an excuse that his parents don’t support him getting married to a single mother (a lady that had a child out of wedlock).

Generally, the society sees people like me as a no-good influence for either their daughters for friendship or their sons for friendship and marriage.

As a single parent, I’m expected to be a mother and a father to my child. And the society, most of the time, believes such a child would turn out to be a no-good wayward child like his mother or father.

A lot of times you even hear your child’s teacher rub it in the face of the child, and then we wonder how we ever found ourselves in such an environment.

See, I don’t know about others, but it was a tough decision personally for me to keep the pregnancy when it happened, and it was because of what the community would think or say…

A lot of people see me as a total failure because I’m a single parent. To them, God cannot bless me for having had a child out of wedlock.

I’m not living to prove them wrong, but I’m living to prove to myself that keeping that pregnancy was one of the best decisions I’ve made as a young girl.

Just talking about it makes me realise how much it hurts.

– Chichi Eriobu is an entrepreneur and budding OAP

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