#HappeningsLoveList: OC Ukeje’s star material is of good quality

#HappeningsLoveList: OC Ukeje’s star material is of good quality


There’s this warm feeling you get when you find a worthy Nigerian receiving international recognition. It’s the way we feel about OC Ukeje as a rising star at Toronto International Film Festival #TIFF.

Since 2007, after winning Amstel Malta next movie star, his rise has been organic yet inspiring.

Everything works for the good of OC- his looks, his diction, his very private life, and his good talent. Everybody, it seems, loves OC. It has worked well for his brand. Nigeria is always rooting for him. Twitter shut down some years back when he won best actor at AMVCA. He gets that much love everytime his name pops up.

It is refreshing to see that he takes none of this goodwill and gesture for granted. He continues to stay focused on his original plan, which is acting… and acting only in films that illuminate his path. Quality over everything else.

We love OC. He had to make our Love List! We are proud of not just what he has accomplished in 9 years, but what his future as an A-star actor will be..

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