#NaijaChronicles: Poverty and its unusual appetite

#NaijaChronicles: Poverty and its unusual appetite


#NaijaChronicles: Poverty and its unusual appetite

By Joy Isi Bewaji

A “poor man” has rights. One of such rights is to dream big and out of order- like anybody can. But not all dreams should come true. The “poor man” doesn’t know this, or he just doesn’t recognise that every dream comes with a price tag.

Children are aggressive money guzzlers. Why do indigent communities require so many of them?

It used to be said that the number of children determines the wealth of a man. Not anymore. Technology gets fewer people to get jobs done. Life is not about quantity anymore, quality works better.

So the idea is to have fewer children that can be properly educated and exposed to the possibilities around them. With fewer numbers, a poor man wouldn’t be so poor.

The number and appetite for gender specific children is a greedy plot that destroys not just the home but the entire nation.

Under-developed countries are made of these. And children continue to suffer the poor decisions of a country obsessed with births.

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