6 Ways To Encourage Curiosity In Children That Most Parents Ignore

6 Ways To Encourage Curiosity In Children That Most Parents Ignore

Yvonne Williams

Long gone are those days were kids were reprimanded for their hunger to learn and try out new things, the world’s advancing by the minute and before our very eyes we’ve see young minds breaking barriers and making history and of course we have curiosity to thank.

Being curious stimulates the mind and has a major role to play in the educational process, so it is necessary to encourage curiosity from an early age. Although naturally, many kids are curious and want to adventure in new terrains as they get bored of the same old things, not every kid is as curious as the next and this, brings us to 6 exciting ways to make your kid more curious;

1. Spice up their routine

Although kids need to have a daily routine, infusing occasional small changes every now and then can help stimulate their brain to make them more  curious and creative, plus, the good news is, it doesn’t have to be major changes. You could spice up their food or even their toys, toothpaste or soap, this will help spark interest and open their senses. Or better still, since it’s all about discovery, you both could tour around exciting places and have a blast. This will most certainly spark up interest.

2. Spoil them silly with surprises

Every kid loves surprises; pulling off an exciting surprise out of the blues will not only make your kid happy but enhance his curiosity too. You could do play dates, a trip to the movies, hold a fun get together or even reward them with something special each time they get something right. Your kid will be left anticipating your next move.

3. Do fun things together

Having quality time with your kid can be massive fun; make every minute count with loads of interesting new stuff for your kid to learn; it could be baking, painting, building a play house whatever – make sure they partake and not just stare.  The experience can be quite amazing for your child. Learning how to do things practically before their eyes will awaken their curiosity.

4. Encourage them to ask and be prepared to answer their questions

Yes, kids ask a lot… of questions, don’t shun them, be patient and ensure they get the answer to whatever they want to know. Each time you feel overwhelmed with the questioning, ensure you  remind yourself why he needs to know certain things, give constructive answer to their question afterwards. Keep on encouraging your kid to ask and oblige them with answers, it breeds curiosity.

5. Travel and visit new places

Kids love to travel and explore new places; visiting new countries and places help broaden their knowledge; they get to experience new cultures, see new places, meet new people and experience the pleasures of something different. Doing this frequently enhances their social skills, opening their eyes to a world of possibilities.

6. Let them explore the world their own way.

Even as toddlers, kids want to do things by themselves, give them the freedom. Don’t always correct them with the “preferred” method of doing things, just let them explore and just be kids. Reprimanding them constantly can negatively affect their curiosity. Let them make mistakes and learn from them. This is the way to go.

So parents in essence, remember, don’t shut your kids up when their curious instincts take over, encourage them instead, who knows where it will take them in the future.

Happy parenting!

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