#LagosBusChronicles 23

#LagosBusChronicles 23


By Kikelomo Onigbanjo

Hello everybody! Hope y’all are doing great?

Today’s story is a really groovy story

First, the passengers on the bus I boarded today were a special breed…

A particular music was jamming from the driver’s music player, from a special musician

And these special passengers on of my bus just abandoned all home training and started grooving on their seats

Even the policemen on the bus too were not left out,

It was a really spectacular sight that got me starring in amazement

It intensified when we got into traffic

And then it began to rain

These people continued dancing until our bus hit another car from behind

That was when they calmed down, looking like this and pleading …

The owner of the car just had to let them go.

The most annoying thing was that as soon as the bus moved, they continued their party

They don’t use to hear word


Have a great day!

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