#storyofmyvagina: Rubbished on the floor of Sex

#storyofmyvagina: Rubbished on the floor of Sex


#storyofmyvagina: Rubbished on the floor of Sex

– by Temitayo Olofinlua

“Vagina.” Six alphabets. Just like “female”. Body part, just like the
arm, leg and brain. It has its own functions.

Vagina, one of the most visited “places” on earth, yet hardly mentioned. You know, it is like visiting a place so often yet not mentioning the place; it is like seeing someone so often yet not
calling their names. How does that make them feel?

The vagina is never called the vagina. There are other names. Toto. Vjayjay. Many other names but not its real name.

Deep. Sensual. Welcoming. Hardly known. Perhaps that is why it is so ab(used).

The vagina paves the way for creation yet could be a site for destruction.

The vagina is the origin of many human stories yet so little is written about it.

We only hear about it most times when it is shamed, when it is dragged into the public, pushed and shoved, torn and worn.

Have you wondered why whenever it is time to abuse a woman, the vagina is the tool? Dragged out of her body; slapped on her face and thrown
around? Yet, it remains unmentioned.

There is more to women than their vagina, even when it seems that it is all that there is to them…especially when everything is sexualised. Achievements are reduced to how many men she has been with. All she has done is rubbished on the floor of sex…

Does this appeal to that silent part of the society that says that women should only be seen as sexual beings only within a marriage? Or that it is only men that have the rights to brag about their
“sexploits”? Or the fact that a good woman should only be seen as a
baby factory and not a sexual creature–meanwhile something happens
before the baby got into the stomach?

It is time to tell the story of your vagina. String words into sentences; make the sentences fold into paragraphs, wrap them around your vagina…tell its story.

There is more to it than shame. Tell that story!

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