RE: #NaijaChronicles: Poverty and its unusual appetite

RE: #NaijaChronicles: Poverty and its unusual appetite


RE: #NaijaChronicles: Poverty and its unusual appetite

Here’s a rejoinder from one of our readers on #NaijaChronicles illustration that addressed poverty and its greedy desire for children it is unable to afford or love.

From: Jennifer Idom

Good morning Joy,

The #NaijaChronicles cartoon on poverty and many children reminds me of a neighbour I had years back in Port Harcourt.

A family of seven: husband, wife and five daughters. The woman got pregnant again and the man threatened her with divorce if she didn’t birth a boy. To save her marriage, she started running helter skelter, seeking for prayers. She was a regular visitor of a prophetess in Owerri who told her she was pregnant with twin boys.

The husband was super excited when he heard this and decided to redecorate the house in anticipation of the birth. He had hitherto moved out of the main house into a self-contain in same compound and equipped his own side of the house fully with gadgets- A/C, DSTV and generator for himself alone. When electricity goes off, his family will be in darkness and he’ll turn on his generator.

When he got the news of his wife pregnant with twin boys, he decided to furnish the family home. Changed the long wooden benches to cushion chairs and turned the place to a beautiful home.

He paid for her to attend a good private clinic for antenatal as well. Then D-day finally arrived… your guess is as good as mine… she had another baby girl!

He was away in a meeting when she birthed, can you believe he didn’t as much as go to see them in the hospital when he heard of the baby’s sex?

He didn’t divorce her but made her life a living hell. Barely giving them feeding money, barely paying fees etc. He started womanizing seriously and bringing different girls home.
One in particular who likes indomie and egg; whenever she comes, he’ll call his wife to come prepare it for her. The girl slapped the wife one day for adding too much pepper to her egg. The sad tale continued until I moved out of there.

It’s terrible what some women go through because they have girls. What is wrong with having daughters?

That day the girlfriend slapped the wife, I sat in my bed and cried.

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