#NaijaChronicles: The god of Jennifer Aniston

#NaijaChronicles: The god of Jennifer Aniston


#NaijaChronicles: The god of Jennifer Aniston

By Joy Isi Bewaji

So Angelina Jolie filed for divorce.

We are not worried about the six children in the middle of this devastating family news… we are happy that “justice” will finally be served.

Justice in this instance would be Jennifer Aniston having the last laugh.

Oh! But I thought Aniston is married now to a man she calls “Amazing”?

Yes, she is.

And I thought Jennifer and Brad have been separated for over 15 years?

Yes, indeed.

Is Jennifer languishing from a heartbreak?

Not at all. She looks even more beautiful and is preoccupied with movie-making and all other girlie stuff.

And Jolie, is she some kind of witch deserving of a backlash?

Well, the last I checked she is a UN ambassador in the true sense of the word and is building a credible political career along with a very successful film career.

So what kind of god do we call on in this situation? And why is it always the ministry of women to pray against another woman? Do we absolve the man of blame when he willingly decides to build a tent with someone else?

That god you are praying to must be a spineless one.

This also applies to the girl next door and your constant angst that she is about to get what you deserve.

Women. Always in competition with one another.

If you have to build a War Room, then pray that you achieve half of what Jolie has been able to achieve.

Pray that if a man ever leaves you… you can be like Jolie with the financial courage to take care of six children.

Some of you on your knees rejoicing at her “failed marriage” can’t even feed one child in a marriage; you need the community to gather round and feed your ass.

Your War Room tactics need some commonsense.

Or maybe you just need to get busy. You need another career.

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