5 Sure Ways To Boost Your Masculinity Regardless Of What You Look Like!

5 Sure Ways To Boost Your Masculinity Regardless Of What You Look Like!

Yvonne Williams

You don’t have to be the most handsome bloke on board to get noticed! The harsh reality? Without confidence and a polished look, even the most handsome dudes may not even get a first glance, let alone a second one! Contrary to general perception, manliness isn’t all about the physical. Fine, a gorgeous man decked stylishly and armed with that irresistible baritone voice might get attention real quick but so can you. Forget bragging about doing  a thousand press ups daily, there are a few other ways you can still be manly:

1. Be the best dressed man in the room

Whether anyone labels you “superficial” or not, truth is, everyone gets judged based on appearance. Step up your style and stand out, make heads turn each time you walk into a room. Dress sharp! This gives you instant confidence and makes you look the part of a respectable individual which actually robs off on your personality – you walk with that head up because you know you look good. You might actually be a really nice guy with a good personality to complement, no one actually has time to notice that at first glance, your outfit does the talking. Be aware of your personal style, own it and make it work for you.  Clothing is one of the strongest tools you can use to your advantage.

2. Be the man who knows how to talk to women

Up your game in the women department – and no, we’re not talking being a player. Most guys tend to chicken out when it comes to approaching women, this isn’t considered a very “manly” trait. Look around you, the charming guy has more power and ironically it sometimes doesn’t even have anything to do with the way he’s built. Make an effort with women because you’ve got them at your every turn; friends, coworkers, business partners, parties you name it, you can’t escape them. Put yourself out there and learn to be comfortable with the women folk. Have this skill and you’ll be the envy of most men.

3. Get comfortable speaking before a crowd

There’s nothing more embarrassing than a guy stammering in front of a crowd following obvious anxiety. At one point in your life you might need to speak before people, maybe not a crowd but groups and this, is one challenge you need to face head on as a man. Being in the spotlight with all eyes piercing every inch of you… No doubt most people detest public speaking, but the good news is, it’s an skill you can learn with practice. Yes, Practice! Practice!! Practice!!! That’s the watchword. P.S – Brush it off if it doesn’t go as expected, with time it’ll get better.

4. Be very hands- on

It’s pretty annoying  to get stuck with a guy who doesn’t even know how to find his way around anything! Changing tires, knowing how to use a screw driver, knowing what to do when the kitchen sink messes up, changing the toilet seat… these “skills” shouldn’t be alien to you, if you want to be perceived as the ultimate man. MAN UP! Most ladies want a guy whom they can rely on when things aren’t that perfect. No one’s saying become a professional fixer, have a basic knowledge of things at least. This affects your reputation big time.

5. Be your own person

There’s so much more than just looking manly, Be self assured , a man who relies  on his own abilities and qualities, a manly man believes in himself enough to let others rely on him. Be the man who’s not afraid to speak his mind when he’s not comfortable with certain things. Speak out, let your voice be heard because you matter. This is a great way to project manliness, Never stay silent if you feel you deserve better.

Last word? This whole journey is no doubt all about self esteem and confidence, which in the end impacts every aspect of your life. The more confident you feel, the more manly you become!

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