#LagosBusChronicles 29

#LagosBusChronicles 29


By Kikelomo Onigbanjo

Thank God it’s Friday!

Have you ever been in a situation where you were minding your business and someone just comes and hit you from behind? That was what happened this morning …

Our driver was maintaining his lane and suddenly our bus was hit from behind

Everybody on the bus was scared

The most annoying thing was that our bus now got stuck to the other bus and the driver continued pushing us forward. We were like this:

When the traffic cleared a bit the other driver wanted to drive away… but we serve a living God!

He was caught and made to pay for damages

All through this, one guy was giving me this face through the mirror

I looked at him like …

Anyway we moved on with our journey

PS: I saw a lot of cars carrying the Nigerian flag today

This once a year patriotism though…

Happy Independence in advance!

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