8 Secret Ways To Look FAB In Your 50s!

8 Secret Ways To Look FAB In Your 50s!

Yvonne Williams

Who says you’ve got to condemn yourself to granny wrappers and head gears just because you’ve hit your 50s? You can be 50 plus and still slay! Doubt me? Take one look at Joke Silva, who just turned a stunning 55! Trust me, there’s no better proof than that.

Somehow, you look in the mirror and the brutal truth stares you in the face; no longer do you see that ravaging flawless beauty, now your vision beholds that not so striking thicker waistline, flabby arms, nonexistent curves… It goes on and on! So you resolve for the “inevitable”- Throw sexiness out the window and cover up with lots of clothes, at least that’ll help hide your “imperfections.”

Quick question – Each time you look in the mirror, do you feel great about the image starring back at you? Well that’s pretty obvious, but don’t sweat it, we’ve got good news; although your body might be changing, you can still look good and classy without showing too much! Forget surgery, follow these few tips and in no time you’ll be loving your new body and embracing your 50s all the way!

1. Healthy diet/ Smarter lifestyle

Although some women are blessed with good genes and don’t struggle with adding those unwanted extra unwanted pounds, some others aren’t so lucky. But that’s not the end of the world. Stick to a healthy lifestyle and you’ll be looking and feeling fantastic. Trade your calorie intake for nutrient dense foods since your body no longer burns it as it used to in your younger days.  Fresh fruits and vegetables; lean meats, fish, eggs, beans and dairy products will do you good.

2. Fun And Laughter!

You’re older, more mature and certainly do not belong to the youth club anymore and with this realization you tend to wallow in depression as you realize you think you’re not where you want to be, regretting the lost opportunities let go of by a younger you and how your life may have been so much more different if you acted more boldly. Yes, sometimes we all tend to feel this way but at this point, rather than dwell in melancholy, learn to dwell in gratitude, it can’t be all bad, be thankful for what you’ve got. This will help boost your happiness. Besides, you still can find fulfillment by resurrecting old hobbies, deleting that negative mindset and moving on; forge into new terrains and just let go.  You’ll be amazed.

3. Side Hustle

Money answereth all things”, this is no doubt true. Without money, peace of mind doesn’t actually exist as you tend to worry, worry, worry! Yes you’re not nearly as agile as you were in your younger days, probably retired and all, don’t hang those boots just yet. You can still make a living and it doesn’t have to be strenuous; it can be business, writing…whatever. A more productive mind leads to a more fulfilled one. Take a cue from Joke Silva; from gracing the screens to owning an academy and being a crucial part of one of Africa’s most prestigious reality shows MTN Project Fame, Joke Silva is no doubt counting mega cash and living the life indeed.

4. Fitness Mode

Relax…You don’t need to engage in intense hour long exercises; you can go easy; take a stroll, do some swimming, jogging and focus generally on aerobic exercise, this will help increase your heart rate and help you stay fit, mobile and independent for a long time.

5. Beauty Sleep

Remember taking pride in your four hour sleep routine which gets your “Creative juices”, flowing? Well your body isn’t the same anymore and it needs a break. At this stage of your life, you should always aim for 8 hours of beauty sleep – Highly recommended. Your body needs to relax and pushing it to the limits won’t be doing you any favours – And those unsightly eye bags even your ever dependable makeup kit is finding a hard time concealing, will be the least of your problems! Not nice.

6. Lots and lots of water

Never ever underestimate the power of this transparent, colourless fluid! You’re ageing and being well hydrated is of utmost importance because at this stage of your life you risk dehydration and being dehydrated speeds up the aging process but that’s not all, it also affects the healthy functioning of your kidney as well! Take lots of water and say goodbye to unwanted baggage.

7. Be aware of your body

You’re aware your figure has changed and knowing what to wear at this point can be quite confusing, but don’t give up. Invest in clothes that will enhance your body and don’t settle for hiding it. Go for clothes that flatter your figure – pieces that focus on parts of your body you totally adore. Arm yourself with this info each time you go shopping and you’ll be walking the streets like your personal runway.

8. Embrace You

Whatever shape you’ve got, learn to love it. It’s nice to hear you’re a size 4 and all but more importantly make sure you love and work with what you’ve got. Embrace your entire being and love you. Nothing else should count. Besides, who says you have to be all bones to look fabulous? Just love who you are and others will follow suit.

Last word, after all is said and done, it all boils down to happiness! A healthy and happy you equals a fabulous you! Embrace it!

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