#LagosBusChronicles 31

#LagosBusChronicles 31


By Kikelomo Onigbanjo

Good morning!

I wonder why today was like this; everything was just so extra.

The bus stop was packed full; Lord knows where the crowd came from … oh yeah, the holiday is over, back to the usual…

Buses were very few at the bus stop, and the ones that managed to show up packed passengers like this at double the price…

People were fighting to enter the bus; as in real ‘pull-your-hair-claw-your-face fight’, you would think they had some prior beef going on

Two people got injured in the brouhaha; one was punched in the face and the other suffered an injury to his knee

A bread seller who was trying to get on the bus got her bread damaged after another passenger feel on them, gbese!

The woman stopped rushing, picked up her damaged good and walked away sadly.

Another guy was stained with different colours of make up, lol

One woman’s wig fell off …

Even yours truly was not spared in the ‘rushing something’; I entered the bus after much struggling looking like this:


Lagos na wa!

Have a nice day!

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