6 Things Only Those Who Are Always Late Understand!

6 Things Only Those Who Are Always Late Understand!

Yvonne Williams

“It’s better to be late than to arrive ugly!” – I mean, that’s a no brainer! Lol…  Being late just sort of happens… after all it’s not like we jump into bed and rudely decide to get late the next day; No, we’re responsible beings, thank you very much! It’s a busy, busy world out there which sort of drains your energy and lord knows the magic power of beauty sleep… but somehow, the world doesn’t get it – Well screw the world! Let’s face it, it’s not like we’re ALWAYS late, others simply arrive way…too early and you can’t blame us for that! Right? Lol… Always late? 6 things you understand;

1. You set multiple alarms

Even with your eyes closed you know where to hit the snooze button; Waking up routine entails not less than three alarms; the first tells you it’s time to get up but hey, that’s not you, you’ve got your golden late comer reputation to protect, so you snooze away, the second wakes you up from the dream world so you don’t get too engulfed and all but offers you time to just lay awake, wishing you could stay in bed all day…but the third, gets you springing up real fast, time to get serious! No one ever plays with getting their salary.

2. Hair and makeup never gets done at home

I mean really, how is that even possible to have your bath, get dressed and head out with the perfect makeup when you just got a miserly one hour to get set! Lol… Typical you? Undies – Check! Blouse on – Check!, Skirt – Check!, Shoes – Check!, Bag in hand with makeup, comb and mirror – Double check!! Makeup on the go is the way to go.. making funny faces while at it and entertaining your fellow commuters  (a sight we see every single day). Such delight!

3. Lies! Lies!! Lies!!!

Yes you’re born again and all, but those lies? Ain’t part of the deal. In your head, you always have the “perfect” excuse for showing up late, ready to be blurted out when confronted; – “Oh my car broke down”, I had stomach upset, “My granddad slumped and we had to rush him, my mum was in labour… It goes on and on. Little white lies don’t hurt right?

4. You always arrive in a sweaty mess

At last! You arrive your destination only to be greeted with dirty looks! Pl…ease who do they think I am, a magician! They should be glad, I’m even here. So, you arrive your destination with composure out the window; Panting, hair ruffled, sweat dripping…Breathe, Just breathe… There! Lol… not your best impression, but at least, you’re here! That’s what’s important –  You all need to just chill!

You’re a multitask genius

Because time is never on your side, you’ve skillfully mastered the art of getting the “necessities” done at once; You take your breakfast while dressing up, you brush your teeth while the washing machine does your undies, now tell me that isn’t smart! You’re a genius, you know it but the world doesn’t know it just yet!

6. Hangouts – Your friends make you come way too early

Friends are friends, they stick through the good, bad and ugly! Know you inside out and this, lies the key to “manipulation.” So your friends know you for who you truly are, an habitual latecomer so they trick you into believing you’re supposed to meet earlier just so you can arrive early and not keep everyone else waiting. Mean? Not quite, it’s absolutely brilliant . Lol…

Forget personality, being late can be curbed! Make your mind up… lol

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