#NaijaChronicles: What they teach us

#NaijaChronicles: What they teach us


#NaijaChronicles: What they teach us

by Joy Isi Bewaji

Some of the most developed societies in the world are preparing the female population for technology.
Gender inclusion promotes equality and empowers women. It insists on the active participation of women in political, economic, social and cultural institutions. For women to be able to fully exercise their human rights, gender issues are tailored to ensure no gender is left behind.

It is becoming a world where gender roles are replaced with People, regardless of gender, and their ability to perform.

In Africa, we are burdened still with the woman as a helpmeet, and domestic achievement as the ultimate goal.

We can’t get tired of stating the obvious: The world has evolved beyond this stage of marriage and childbirth as accomplishments.

Religion is the biggest enemy of the woman. The helpmeet status which suggests the woman is under a man and must be submissive to the headship of the male gender contributes to underdevelopment and poverty in many poor societies without working systems.

Nigeria is one of them.

We spend too much of our time dictating and defining the essence of a woman that we forget how society suffers when half the population is made to feel inferior and subservient.

It is ridiculous what we are doing to half our population. The “sermons” in Switzerland, for instance, is very different from what obtains in Nigeria.

Why are we not instructing the younger generation on how to restore a failed nation? What is this obsession to marry and birth children when the country is yet to prove it can sustain one more birth or one more dream? A society that offers nothing but grief and angst.

We need to repair our country.

And we can’t repair the country if 70 million women are told to be submissive to the needs of one man, and sometimes to all men.

We need leaders, builders, revolutionists. We need women to step out of the crowd and into ambitions that the world can benefit from.

We need to teach our women and girls something different from what we have been taught for many years.

We need to do things differently.

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