#NaijaChronicles: Pretentious parenting and plenty nonsense

#NaijaChronicles: Pretentious parenting and plenty nonsense


#NaijaChronicles: Pretentious parenting and plenty nonsense

by Joy Isi Bewaji

We know parents who prayed their children to wealth… just prayers and tongue-speaking without investing in knowledge or building the acumen of the child…yet are shocked to find that prayers didn’t do the trick.

Every other morning there’s a pastor in the home, praying for the 37 year old “child”, still squatting with mummy and daddy, to find greatness… instead of letting that “child” out into the real world to face the harsh realities to find his/her strengths.

We know fathers who boast of “decent children” whilst dating girls as young as their daughters.

We know mothers who believed their daughters will stay virgins until marriage… then expect them to please their husbands in bed like whores.

Parents who seek to have blown-up dolls they can manipulate instead of human beings with a mind and spirit of their own.

We all have heard the “marriage tale”… how you couldn’t talk to boys in your teen, but immediately you clock 25 and working at becoming something in a career, the parent begins to badger you to bring home a husband.


When your mother wouldn’t let the boy from school come in for a cup of water… or let you stay out on the balcony to chat with your neighbour’s son… where then will the mystery man come from.

Oh! I know! Like baby cartoons, parents expect daughters to fall into a deep sleep in their teen years, only to emerge with a handsome prince at the wake of 25.

It doesn’t work that way, people.

Mistakes and sex and all the things we have experienced, yet cringe at when children question us about them. These are conversations we need to start building if we desire healthy well-rounded adults in future.

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