#NaijaChronicles: Our Performances

#NaijaChronicles: Our Performances


#NaijaChronicles: Our Performances

by Joy Isi Bewaji

What makes it sad when a woman walks into a store to buy her own perfume, wrist watch or birthday cake?

Why should it always come from someone else?

Gifts are gorgeous, especially when they meet a need… but isn’t it a tad ridiculous to execute it under an unwilling partner?

Should we deny that we can afford many things just so we can act like women who need providers… when in actual fact, we provide?

Is it the helpmate status that begs for this performance?

Last year, my friend, Prisca, bought herself a birthday cake… presented it at an event I organised and we cut the cake with the rest of the attendants. She scribbled the words she wanted to wish herself. It was her gift to herself.

People will think that is sad. Why?

For the life of me, I can’t understand the logic of waiting to be loved.

Why aren’t we promoting self-love as the most special love there is?

Society makes women afraid to love themselves enough to head to a bar alone to have a drink, or book into a hotel alone for a weekend treat, or pick up a bag and head to Vegas to roll a dice.

She is constantly reminded to be afraid of herself… and reassured that only a man’s presence or love or actions can validate and provide her true happiness.

They lied.

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