#NaijaChronicles: Let’s address Kyriarchy

#NaijaChronicles: Let’s address Kyriarchy


#NaijaChronicles: Let’s address Kyriarchy

by Joy Isi Bewaji

Kyriarchy is a system that discriminates against the least important person in the social strata. A social system that ensures oppression thrives around social and economic walls of privileges.

Kyriarchy laughs in the face of Patriarchy… because after protecting the woman from abuse, the woman turns around to abuse the maid, the driver, or the gardener.

Under Kyriarchy, abuse is perpetuated by the person with authority- male or female. In contemporary societies, it aligns with socioeconomic status, powers and opportunities in any given circumstance.

In that case, we are all Victims and at the same time all Bullies.

A woman may stand in position to bully certain groups of people on the economic strata as a black, educated, middle class citizen. In some other situations, she becomes a victim because of her gender.

It’s a tricky case of status, power and wealth.

The weaker individual under Kyriarchy is a victim of everything ugly. Sometimes, these are men of lower income…who go on to look for victims in a group of others beneath his social or financial powers.

It is an unbroken cycle of mischief and devilry.

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