5 Things Confident People Do In Relationships

5 Things Confident People Do In Relationships

Yvonne Williams

Your self esteem affects every facet of your life, including your relationships. Most people with low self esteem often feel unworthy and never truly believe that someone else can love them. That said, although having a high self esteem isn’t an automatic ticket to a happy relationship, it does go a long way to help keep you in check; you know what you want and understand you deserve to get it. Being a confident individual gives you the strength to walk away when expectations fall short. 5 things people with high self-esteem do differently in their relationships:

1. They don’t go analyzing whether or not their partner loves them

People with high esteem believe they are worth loving and therefore don’t go questioning if someone truly loves them. They aren’t defined by their partner’s conception of them, instead they assume the feeling is mutual following resulting actions. Rather than dwelling in doubt, they just revel in the experience without giving room to fears and doubts.

2. They understand when a relationship fails it’s not because they did something wrong

Yes they aren’t super humans so they get hurt just like everyone else when their relationship hits the rocks, however they don’t go beating themselves up over what they could have done differently. People with high esteem don’t obsess and analyse over and over again dwelling in thoughts which point them as the sole reason why the relationship didn’t work out, they understand it wasn’t meant to work out and move on.

3. Set healthy boundaries

People with high esteem do not feel pressured to please others, they prioritize their needs and do not assume responsibility for someone else’s needs and emotions. This means that they stand firm and are not persuaded or pressured into doing things which they don’t want. People who are confident own their identity in relationships and ensure their full self; career, friends and “Me” time is part of the deal to ensure their happiness isn’t dependent on just the relationship.

4. Confident people accept responsibility

They don’t blame their partners for their failures, they accept responsibility for their actions and emotions. When the relationship isn’t working out, they own up to the fact and try to make it work. They take responsibility for their choices and if it’s obviously headed for the tunnel, rather than delude themselves into thinking things will automatically turn around, they pick up the pieces and move on.

5. Confident people don’t stay in bad relationships

Being insecure makes you swallow a lot of things which you really shouldn’t have to; you stay in relationships where you’re being treated like trash because you don’t value you. this is hardly the case with those with high esteem. They do not for any reason stay locked up in relationships where they don’t feel respected, appreciated, and valued, They aren’t afraid to walk away from any relationship that is toxic.

In all, understand that how you rate yourself affects how others will treat you in return and yes, your relationship isn’t excluded.

Good luck!

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