Dehydrated? 7 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Dehydrated? 7 Signs You’re Not Drinking Enough Water

Yvonne Williams

If you think the benefit of water is way…exaggerated, think again! Chronic dehydration doesn’t just leave you with intense thirst, decreased kidney function, dizziness as well as contributing to diseases such as diabetes and in more severe cases, death, are more grievous consequences of not drinking enough water – scary right? Drinking 8 glasses of water is highly recommended and why not? this easily available drink is loaded with benefits; from helping our minds, organs, and muscles function, to helping our skin glow, it’s amazing! Not sure if you’re drinking enough water? 7 signs;

1. You have constant headaches 

It’s like basic instinct, headache comes, you grab painkillers – well, try a glass of water instead, who knows, the brain might just need water. Dehydration  lowers blood flow and oxygen to the brain, which results in increase swelling and inflammation giving you a headache. So next time you have a headache, take a glass of water, however if it doesn’t help ease the pain, consult your doctor.

2. Your Mouth, Eyes, and Skin are Dry

Body fluid gives you supple beautiful skin but when the body isn’t given enough water –  moisture – it obviously results in dryness of skin. Losing fluids can result in dry mouth as there isn’t enough to produce saliva. Tear production in the eyes is also affected giving you dry eyes which prevents you from seeing clearly. The body needed water to function effectively, don’t starve it.

3. Your Urine is Dark

This is a clear signal if you want to know whether or not you’re hydrated; the darker your urine, the more waste your body holds, which mean you’re dehydrated, not a good sign. When the kidney has enough water it helps to flush out toxins and eliminate waste, which results in a more transparent colour of urine, that’s the way to go!

4. You’re Disoriented

Finding it difficult to concentrate? Often feel dizzy and confused, a glass of water might be all you need; sweating, urination, and other bodily functions helps the body expel waste and once that isn’t taking place due to lack of sufficient water, it can cause an imbalance preventing the body from working efficiently.

5. Low Energy Level

No doubt, lack of sleep can make you feel fatigued but did you know dehydration can as well? When the body’s well hydrated, the body has enough blood circulation to increase energy level, unlike when it’s dehydrated. Blood circulation is important because it delivers oxygen to the muscles and if this isn’t well circulated, our energy level decreases.

6. You Often Have Muscle Cramps or Spasms

Losing water in the body gives the body the responsibility to prioritize where the remaining fluid in the body should go, often times it ends up in the circulatory system while the muscles are left out. When this happens, and the muscles aren’t giving enough fluid,  involuntary muscle contractions or spasms occur , what you know as muscle cramps.

7. You Don’t Sweat During Exercise

You could jog round the universe and still not break a sweat, that’s not a good sign – Your body is in dire need of water. Why you need to sweat?  it helps keep our body temperature regulated and once sweat isn’t produced, overheating can occur which is extremely dangerous as the body can’t regulate itself.

Now you know and we’ve got good news – you can reverse this by making conscious effort daily, don’t wait, it just might be too late. Drink up now!

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