#NaijaChronicles: Woman’s Want Vs. Man’s Need

#NaijaChronicles: Woman’s Want Vs. Man’s Need


#NaijaChronicles: Woman’s Want Vs. Man’s Need

by Joy Isi Bewaji

The perception of what a woman wants versus what a man needs is the biggest social fraud across many generations.

Chick flicks paint the requirements of a woman as desperate, urgent and impossible… and the needs of a man as simple and straightforward.

In reality, especially in these parts, this is far from true.

Women settle for anything.

They may talk glowingly about what they desire- “tall and handsome with an impressive bank account, a yacht and a house in Morocco… etc”

In reality they are with the opposite- just an average little man with little everything.

Men on the other hand have been described as people with simple needs. Lacking the nerve to stress a partner.

In reality, there’s a 25-point list on how to be a wife material tossed down from his mother, his pastor and society for him to acknowledge as he finds a love partner.

His friends get to chose what a girlfriend should look like, how she should sound, what she should wear… and most importantly, what opinions she must (not) have.

Men end up with women approved by all… even down to what his neighbour thinks.

Women, however, end up with what is available… and will spend the next ten years defending all his idiotic decisions.

It isn’t true what the media says about women and men. This script is only cute in movies but untrue in reality.

Your society tells the woman to be grateful for marriage. It slaps the shoulder of the man affectionately for making you (the woman) “worthy”.

It is why women exclaim, “at last” when an engagement ring happens to them.

-Because it’s a favour. You should be grateful.

But for the sake of entertainment, let’s keep pretending there’s a prince who must climb seven seas and seven mountains to save a helpless princess in need of a kiss of life.

Or something like that.

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