Girls! 7 Amazing Benefits Of Having An Older Brother

Girls! 7 Amazing Benefits Of Having An Older Brother

Yvonne Williams

Having an older brother comes with mixed feelings; sometimes you feel like dragging them via the collar, shoving them against the wall and giving them a real good beating (which of course can’t happen many thanks to “position”), other times however, you just want to spoil them with kisses and hugs -pretty complicated huh? I mean, how fun is it having someone who teases and annoys you, yet loves you with all of his being? lol… 7 amazing benefits of having an older brother;

1. He makes you understand boys and men 

Having an elder brother can create great insight into understanding the male gender. You understand certain behaviours common to guys and tend not to get overly upset when confronted with certain issues. This translates to early misunderstandings which may be experienced at the start of a relationship; the elder brother experience can help her avoid or manage resulting issues because it’s nothing new.

2. Patience is the watchword

Unending pranks and games? fun all the way! From a distance that is, lol… having to deal with this like forever can really test your patience. Big picture; an elder brother has no qualms leaving everywhere untidy right after you’ve put your whole energy into ensuring the whole house is sparkly clean. Tons of frustrating right? Plus, this goes on and on over the years, but hey, overtime, you develop a thick skin which automatically teaches you patience in life. Patience is a virtue and one hell of an expensive assest!

3. He shows you how to be tough

Having an older brother equates you being able to stand up for yourself, and not allow yourself to be pushed around. Through those all too familiar annoying jeers and smirks, you learn no one, absolutely no one is allowed to boss you around; your voice must be heard. And yes, it’s a tough world out there so this helps a lot.

4. He teaches you how to compete

No one explores your competitive side more than an older brother. Right from childhood, the virtue of healthy competition is instilled in you, so as you mature and spread your wings towards your career path, this skill will no doubt translate to an asset, helping you develop your self-esteem and leadership skills in turn.

5. He teaches you to laugh at yourself and be silly

Boys will be boys; they play a lot of pranks and hardly take life too seriously. Laughing and just having fun is contagious so you get to let your hair down sometimes and just relax; doing silly things /cracking up your ribs with the most silly jokes…. Having an older brother helps you let your guard down and just enjoy the flow.

6. He is a shoulder to cry on

He might be an older brother, but he’s also your pal who offers you a listening ear and an ever ready shoulder to cry on. Siblings listen without criticism or judgement, that love is unconditional and an older brother never takes having you for granted.

7. He will always protect you

Although he might be dedicated towards annoying the life out of you, he cares and will always protect you. He feels no one else has the right to make you feel bad and takes his job of protecting his kid sister pretty seriously; which of course includes screening the hell out of your potential dates – the lucky one must be proved worthy indeed. Lol…

So if you’ve got an older brother, it’s best you ignore his annoying habits and maximise every moment together. #Priceless!

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